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Our methodology ensures that each client gets the right space for their activity, brand identity and philosophy. In this way, we create an environment that maximizes the performance of teamwork and innovation.

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We believe in an intelligent design that responds to needs. That is why our process is based on research: we collect information, conduct workshops and interviews to identify work styles and functionality. With this knowledge, a proposal is developed that responds to the culture, needs and goals of the business.


We concrete ideas, we execute in an efficient and organized manner. Our methodology allows us to work in synchrony with the different actors in site and respond with a plan B in case of any type of contingency. In this way, we maintain 100% compliance in the works delivered to date.

Change Management

Our change management service guarantees the success of the process. This way we can minimize the resistance, without affecting productivity, facilitating the involvement and commitment of all.

The success of Change Management programs depends on how appropriate the technique used is. We use the HCMBOK ® methodology (Human Change Management Body of Knowledge), which provides project management and leadership vision. In this way, the human factor is introduced as a key to success in the implementation of projects.


LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is the most recognized international certification for sustainable buildings worldwide developed in the United States by the ES Green Building Council (USGBC). It consists of a set of rules and strategies aimed at achieving sustainable results and energy savings in buildings of all types.